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Bushicro Temples 🏯

For Bushicro NFT holders only: Unlock real-life perks like a one-year subscription to Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium, Canva Pro, and beyond. Dive into our benefit store for the full lineup. Embrace the Bushido Way!

Getting Started

Use our Bushitoku token to mint a temple and access its corresponding real-world reward in our store. Let this guide set you on the right path.

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Deposit your male warriors in Shinobi Stash and earn 5 BTK tokens for each warrior daily.


Stake your Warrior

Send Bushitoku Cronos to the listed wallet for BTK on Polygon. Bridging takes 5-7 days.



Bridge your Bushitoku



Mint a Temple 

Mint a Bushicro Temple using your Bushitoku token on Polygon right here.


Claim your Benefits

Visit our Benefit Store, link your Temple, and select your desired real-world reward.

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